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So I didn't have much to do today so decided to calibrate my EAS system. It was looking fractionally lopsided and the last time I had it jacked up I got an EAS fault from the right rear, plus the front end has jiggled a bit at junctions. I've rebuilt the valve block already and checked for leaks so may as well have a go at a calibration.

I purchased some 30mm delrin (fits perfectly inside the bump stop) and cut to the following lengths:

High Profile 140mm
Standard profile 100mm
Low Profile 75mm
Access Profile 35mm

High Profile145mm
Standard Profile105mm
Low Profile 80mm
Access Profile 40mm

I used EAS Unlock Suite to depressurize the air bladders and to read and write the data. I then used jacks to raise and lower the vehicle for each height setting with the relevant delrin blocks in place. I have to say (other than rolling around on the floor) it was a straight forward process. The front readings were not too bad, the rears differed a good few points from left to right.

The access height spacers will get stuck in the bump stops so you may just want to guesstimate those figures. I just picked mine out with a thin screwdriver.

This was a very easy process and I would recommend this method over using a tape measure from wheel cap to arch. I tried this a few weeks ago and ended up with a load of different numbers and just got myself confused.

Anyway - beer time now, I just thought I'd post something positive for a change as opposed to bringing my usual problems to the forum :)
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