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EAS bladders and protectants.

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As posted in another thread, there is a leak in the system of my truck. Some time ago I purchased a set of used air bladders from someone in this forum. They have been sitting in the back of my house ever since. Here is my question in case I have to replace one of the bladders:

Prior to installing, can I use Armor All or another sort of protectant on AND IN the air bag? (I figure that this would condition the rubber, but I don't know if it then would "pollute" the system)

Thanks for your response.

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I thought of doing the same as a routine treatment on the bladders. I would say pass on the Armor All, if I remember it is actually petroleum based, so it would actually cause it to dry out. From my old detailing days, the real hard-core guys always told me to pass putting that on the bumpers if you really wanted long term protection.

I would think that silicone spray might be the best.

If you get any other ideas, let me know, I really think regular treatment to those bladders would extend the life.
I do regularly spray mine with royal purple spray lube or MPT teflon spray oil. 75,000 mi. and work fine, but I guess they're still in the life expectancy.

I actually coat the entire underneath (all connections, hinges) w/ spray lube 1-2 times a year. Including the wife's LR3.
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