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Provided the systems holds its air, the compressor will not wear out. Even with a tonne on the back, the system should not leak. The only way the pressure would reduce in the system is via the valve block exhaust - i.e. in a controlled way.

I bet there is a rear leak, either in the airspring rubber, collet, airline or valve block. You just havn't seen it yet. You need to get hold of leak detection spray and get someone to help by rocking the car when you've applied the spray. Very often hard to find leaks only occur when the car is moving.

You can either buy the rebuild kits from Dennis' UK sources or buy complete new units via an aftermarket source. You are looking a between £800 and £900 for the aftermarket route which is 4xairsprings, 1xvalve block, 1xCompressor and 1xEAS Driver module.
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