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Hi All,

Just picked up my 2nd P38 a 1997 model with the Clarion radio. First job after cleaning it was to mod the radio to provide a 3.5 jack for iphone ipod based on this vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrjVtId7_1g. Bascially soldering the 3 wires to the back of a plug's terminals on the PCB.

All tested fine using my Ipad, put it back together happy with myself.

Plugged in my Iphone then tried my Mrs Sony Android and get a load of hissing, a bit of radio and a bit of music. Basically for some reason the radio detects the ipad and turns off radio and plays output of the ipad, but it seems it is not detecting either the Iphone, or Sony. With the ipad I get music out of both Left and Right as expected.

Can't find anything on web.

Now my soldering is far from professional, but it still works on Ipad so not sure what is going on - any ideas?


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