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Variation on a theme, those of you that have tried the pig tail method of controlling the EAS to de-pressurize the system, and also test the system, must have found as I did how hard it was to both touch pin 26 or pin 9 and at the same time watch which corner was moving, and also not to get trapped by the vehicle or the door while carrying out the procedure, my answer to this was to up grade the pig tail system by introducing a switch, I used 18” of triple core 1mm cable, as used for house wiring, this gives you a red yellow and blue add to this 12” of black 1mm cable from a piece of twin and earth, you will also require a length of two core flex length to suit you, and a table lamp switch, join the red yellow and blue together in the middle with the blue wire from the flex solder the joint, now join the black wire to the brown wire of the flex, cover join with a length of heat shrink, now bring all the wires together and tape over the main joint. Add a length of heat shrink over the whole thing to finish, install switch to the other end of flex remember to connect to either side of switch, trim all wires to about 6“ and clean off about ½“.of the ends.
When using to “DE-PRESSURIZE” the system use the black wire in pin number 1 you can now stand back and watch that the vehicle comes down evenly, when using to “TEST” use the black wire on pin 26, or pin 9, you are now in control at all stages.
Best Regards Sillyboy East London
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