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Good day! I have just purchased an RRS 4.2 SC 2008 with a mileage of 210 thousand kilometers. For a long time I chose a car between 4.4 AJ (448pn) and 4.2 SC (428ps). The presence of ACE scared me with constant repairs and expensive replacement (rear bar). On 4.4, such an ACE was very rarely installed, and I planned to buy it (without ACE). But a friend said that he urgently sells 4.2 SC in good technical condition and I made a choice. I had the opportunity to compare the two engines 4.4 and 4.2SC and I understood that they are geometrically the same (except for the supercharger drive and the ACE pump itself) and the shorter belt from 4.4 should fit on 4.2SC. I don't have a garage, and the LR carservice told me that it couldn't be replaced. Then I found this thread in the forum, forwarded the link to them, and the day after tomorrow I will remove the ACE from my good RRS (the rear active-bar is already leaks a little bit again). Six years later - Thanks to everyone who participated in the discussion, the expert who gave advice and the author who started the discussion and informed about the result! You are the bests!
1 - 1 of 19 Posts