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Just wanted to post the results of the Anti-Roll pump bypass project. We have been driving the Rover for a week now and it is working great! The shorter belt recommended above is a brilliant idea!
Thanks to all!
@Kory, sorry I missed your post 4 months ago. Belt part number LR #PQR500330 as mentioned further up in the thread. You can cross reference on google for many alternatives or your local part's store can give you options as well. I Just bought O'riely's house brand as it was the most affordable, which will still outlast my Rover.

@Ade773, I didn't even remove the pump, just bypassed it with the shorter belt. It helped that when my pump imploded, the shaft was angled away from the belt route. I have been driving for 6 months now, even a couple of long distance trips and it works great! I do have the constant suspension dash light on, but it has not triggered any other issues, codes or alarms. I have read that you can have the dealer re-program the vehicle so it thinks it does not have the ACE/DSC, as there were vehicles from the factory without it. But I have not checked into that.

Good luck!
Can i do this to my 2006 range rover sport supercharged v8 4.2
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