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I apologize in advance for asking where is the oil filter on the 06? (Jag engine). I can't find it! Second: my range has 40,000 miles I am second owner I think brake pads and rotors are original. I checked today and the pads are ready for replacement. There is no shimmy on the brakes at all so since I do not have a micrometer to measure the rotors would you think they should be replaced or just leave em? TIA, Dave

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After some more digging here is the answer from the Atlantic British website diy area:
And this is why I couldn't find the filter: It's under all these shields!

Range Rover 2006-On (Jaguar/Ford Engine)

Filters & Parts

* Oil Filter - By Mann (Part # LR007160)
* Oil Filter - Genuine (Part # LR007160G)
* Oil Drain Plug with Washer 13mm (Part # 1005593G)
* Oil Filter Wrench - Fits Filters 2-3/8" To 3-1/8 (Part # W300)

Installation Notes

* You will need to remove the under engine shield and the radiator splash shield to complete this change.
* Oil changes are best done with the engine just warm, not hot.
* A specialty oil filter wrench (our part # W300) is recommended for installation.
* The Oil Drain Plug on this vehicle is integrated with a plug gasket. The plug and gasket should be replaced with each oil change (our part # 1005593G)

* 1. Raise vehicle to access the under side of the engine. Support vehicle safely -- vehicle ramps or lift recommended.
* 2. Remove the six bolts securing the engine under shield.
* 3. Remove the tow ring cover by releasing the four clips revealing two screws.
* 4. Release the front spoiler to reveal the four hidden screws beneath it.
* 5. To do this, use an 8mm socket to remove the two screws just below the license plate. Then remove the 6 screws using a 10mm socket. Release the spoiler and remove the four "hidden" screws behind it.
* 6. Remove the remaining 9 screws to release the radiator splash shield.
* 7. Position a suitable oil drain container to collect oil and remove oil drain plug using a 13mm box wrench. Discard old drain plug.
* 8. Position a suitable drain container beneath the oil filter. Remove oil filter -- filter wrench (part # W300) recommended.
* 9. Replace the oil filter. Install new drain plug and tighten.
* 10. Lower vehicle and fill with 8.1 qts. of 5W-30 oil.
* 11. Start engine and idle until oil pressure lamp goes out. Check oil level with dipstick and top-off if necessary.
* 12. Reinstall removed engine under shield and radiator splash shield.
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