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DSE not cranking /starting

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My Automatic RR not starting on the key.

Starter relay solenoid clicks fuse ok.

No power to the small solenoid wire on the back of the starter. starts ok if i short across the starter.(ie 12v from the large starter cable. )

Story so far.

I think maybe the circuit thinks i have it in drive as the lights around the gear shifter go out when i turn the key to start.
Ive tried forcing it to neutral with the fuse 11 i think it is and still nothing, the dash displays the correct gear .
Im pretty sure its not alarm related as if i dont, put the key in it will turn the starter but wont fire.

I suspect this could be ECU related and if so next plan will be to run a wire back to the starter relay and bypass this circuit but it will mean i can start it in gear.

If anyone knows of a sensor it could be that would be great.
Also worth mentioning its a UK spec so i dont have the solenoids that hold it in gear etc.

any pointers would be great
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If the starter relay ( RL16) clicks, then all systems are go for a start.

The only things left to prevent the start are:
The starter relay, the solenoid, the starter motor itself and the wiring to the solenoid.

You have already proved the starter and the solenoid are OK by the jump start, so the only things left now are the starter relay itself or the wiring from the fuse box to the solenoid.

Try a new relay first and if that fails check the wire continuity from relay base to solenoid.

I've often come across the misunderstanding that because a relay clicks, it must be functional.
All the click means, is that power is getting to the relay and that the actuator has operated.
The contacts themselves may still be broken, burnt off or otherwise rendered useless.

thanks for the tips will give it ago this afternoon,

breifly looking at the wiring i got the impression it went to another ecu before going to the solenoid. I could be wrong as looked at a few at the time.
I presumed that 12v signal went to another ecu probably the auto box one to ensure the gear selector was in the right postion before it fired it to the solenoid.

I could be wrong, but will do the above and come back,
I checked it on RAVE.

It is direct wiring from the relay contacts to the starter solenoid.

The ECU controls the operation of the relay coil.

It sounds like the vehicle has immobilised itself.

The code between the EDC & becm have corrupted. You need to get some diagnostics on it.
post your location there may be someone close that can help
Have you tried checking the voltage on the solenoid actuating terminal?
To rick the pick,

If the vehicle has immobilized itself, the BECM would inhibit the starter relay from operating,ie, no click at RL16.
The BECM exerts all its control over the starting only, via the coil side of the relay, NOT the power side.

The starter power circuit is about as simple as it gets, and if the relay and the contacts operate, the starter should crank over as when Mark? shorted a link to it .

There is only one fuse, which feeds both the coil and the contacts of the relay.
Ergo, healthy relay, wiring and connectors OK, if relay operates = power to starter solenoid.

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tested the the solenoid wire all ok no connection beetween the relay and the mutli pulg under the fuse board so i guess a new fuse board in the summer
Rick-the-Pick said:
It sounds like the vehicle has immobilised itself.

The code between the EDC & becm have corrupted. You need to get some diagnostics on it.
It certainly not that as the DSE will crank but not fire when the engine is immobilised. Dont ask me how i know
new fuse board in and prob still there.

i will have a look at ignition circuit next , i noticed that it was the fan relay that was clicking not the starter one.

problem could be the gear level not saying its in Park but the dash display certainly does show P. ive gone as far as inserting fuse 11 i think it is and fised the box to neutral so ruling out the gearbox ecu. but the lights dim around the gear lever when i turn the key to start /III

so i need to see if there is some sort of switch on the auto box side ive tried it in neutral and park same symtons.

anyone know if there is something maybe some sensor on the gearbox side seperate to the ecu
You might be misleading yourself.
Inserting the fuse to force neutral selection affects the Transfer box, NOT the main gearbox.
If it's an automatic gearbox, it's the XYZ switch on the main gearbox gear selector that inhibits or allows the starter circuit to operate.

xyz switch crosed my mind but it usally gives false readings on the dash to what gear its in . I would have thought it would do that.
i recall someone on here having that prob.

maybe someone can confirm if they try and start in Drive do the lights around the gear stick go out?
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