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Dry Cone Filter Update!

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Guys, I just slapped on a dry cone filter with a 3.5" inlet directly onto my MAF. The throttle response is night and day in both regular and sport mode. This thing picks up and GOES! I had a new paper air filter in previously and this makes a huge difference in throttle response. Still waiting for my brake accumulator to arrive so I don't want to drive the truck until I try that fix to kill the flashing "ABS, Parking Brake and TC" lights that flash on and off each time I press in the brake pedal.

I left the bottom portion of the air box intact so outside/cold air can still come into the air filter area. This cone filter surprisingly clears the bonnet when it is closed as well :thumb:

Tell you what, driving it around the block a few times was pretty **** fun with the new and improved throttle response. :dance:
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Seriously, drive my friend Bosch 4.6 and jump in mine there is a huge difference. The only difference between my truck and my buddies is I now have coil springs and a dry cone filter and he still has his air springs and a OEM paper filter.

There is definitely a noticeable difference IMO. I will take it out again tonight and see if the butt dyno says the same thing again today. :thumb:
Your right there are a lot of other areas that can change the power levels of everyone's truck. I'm just saying there was a noticeable difference with my truck between the OEM paper and air box vs. my new dry cone filter.

To each there own :dance:
Wow, nice "Granite Edition" didn't even know about it until I read that link. I guess if you have 60WHP more then everyone on this board a 1-2HP gain is peanuts and wouldn't float your boat but for me my butt says NICE! It just feels like the engine breathes better and is more alive.

Great looking Rover btw RRToad!
http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayI ... 8731795984

just picked up a cheap cone filter with a 3 1/2" inlet diameter which will fit perfectly on the Bosch MAF nothing fancy, it's simple and it works great!

here are some cell phone pics.

fyi, my friend put one on his Range Rover and he also feels that his throttle response is much more crisper now.

I tried putting on the factory air filter and it felt a little sluggish on the accelerator. I'm not saying my Range Rover is now a race car just improved throttle response.


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What is the best way to measure throttle response?
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