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Dry Cone Filter Update!

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Guys, I just slapped on a dry cone filter with a 3.5" inlet directly onto my MAF. The throttle response is night and day in both regular and sport mode. This thing picks up and GOES! I had a new paper air filter in previously and this makes a huge difference in throttle response. Still waiting for my brake accumulator to arrive so I don't want to drive the truck until I try that fix to kill the flashing "ABS, Parking Brake and TC" lights that flash on and off each time I press in the brake pedal.

I left the bottom portion of the air box intact so outside/cold air can still come into the air filter area. This cone filter surprisingly clears the bonnet when it is closed as well :thumb:

Tell you what, driving it around the block a few times was pretty **** fun with the new and improved throttle response. :dance:
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:lol: I't amazing what a butt dyno can give for impressions.
:lol: Butt dynos are great objects that we all have hangin around to measure some things by. I took a different route.


I can change my underwear and get a different result via butt dyno. Only when you do the real thing can you say yea or nea to filter changes.

Again to each their own, what ever turns your crank and what ever blows your skirt up. I am finishing up the final stage of my engine rebuild this weekend or next. I am thinking about returning to the dyno for a rematch for verification and for fun. The only changes will be the full top to bottom rebuild and that I have replaced my exhaust system. As my replacement exhaust is full bolt on factory I again have my rear resignator that was removed for the second round of testing last time.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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