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Dry Cone Filter Update!

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Guys, I just slapped on a dry cone filter with a 3.5" inlet directly onto my MAF. The throttle response is night and day in both regular and sport mode. This thing picks up and GOES! I had a new paper air filter in previously and this makes a huge difference in throttle response. Still waiting for my brake accumulator to arrive so I don't want to drive the truck until I try that fix to kill the flashing "ABS, Parking Brake and TC" lights that flash on and off each time I press in the brake pedal.

I left the bottom portion of the air box intact so outside/cold air can still come into the air filter area. This cone filter surprisingly clears the bonnet when it is closed as well :thumb:

Tell you what, driving it around the block a few times was pretty **** fun with the new and improved throttle response. :dance:
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lol. :thumb:
I'm not trying to bash you man, because I'm sure it did make a difference, but comparing your 100k mile plus truck's power after a mod to another 100k mile plus truck is a horrible comparison. I promise you that if we lined up 10 P38's on a dragstrip, all the same year, we'd have times differing by up to 2 seconds or more. And mine would probably be the slowest.
Here's a test for you and your friend. Go out to a safe, empty road, and do a 1/8th mile run. Then switch intakes and do it again. Just for fun...you may see some convincing results, or maybe not.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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