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Driving light Install

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I have a bull bar and driving lights up front. I recently installed an expedition rack and would like to add four lights to it. Can I run them off the switch that is already on the dash and controls the two driving lights up front?

If so does anyone have the wiring diagram for the add on LR lights and the switch?

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How will you be mounting the lights? (Sorry not sure about the wiring question) :thumb:
Do you want then seperately switchable, or just to come on with the lights already on the bullbar ?

If the latter, then I would feed the roof lights with a supply direct from a +ve power source ( like the one on the bulkhead ) through its own fused relay. The control signal for the relay I would take from the wire that supplies one of the front bullbar lights. Done that way, then when the bullbar lights switch on, then they'll feed the new relay to switch on, and the roof lights will come on also.

That way your placing no additional load on the cabin switch / circuit and all the load is taken through you're own circuit ( which is easily removed should you come to sell the car )
They will be mounted directly to the roof rack.

Yes I would like them to come on when the lights on the bull bar come on. I first have to locate the current light's relay. Then a power supply. This is why I was hoping to see a wiring diagram or if someone has access to the instructions for the original lights that might be nice.
The original wiring diagrams for '02-'04 models appear in the RAVE manuals which you can buy on eBay or download for free from http://www.green-oval.com (example diagram below)

The fitting instructions for the original driving lamps can be downloaded, for free, from the ‘Accessory Fitting Instructions’ area of Land Rover’s GTR website :

http://www.ownerinfo.landrover.com/extf ... /index.jsp

(sample page below)



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Does the rack have tabs for lights?

Sorry to keep thread jacking.

Anyone care to share some pics of theres?
It has tabs for two lights. I got those installed tonight. I figured out the wiring. I added a relay and spliced the switch lead.

I have two left to install. I need to find two black plastic blocks that are about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch thick to use as risers for the lights. There is a flat panel on the front of the rack that I intend to drill through.

I ordered the MTRs today also. I'll try to get picture up soon.
two and three


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The wind noise must be bad with the rack and lamps.
To me it seemed worse with just the rack. Now the gas mileage is another issue. It went from 14 and change down to 12 and change.
I have the same rack and find I can't have it on for long before the noise gets too much and mpg is down 10-15%.

A deflector will help with noise and the mpg too, maybe worth looking at getting one on, I have being trying to find the Safety Devices one used on the G4 RRs but no luck.
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