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Driving in N.E. USA in Jan

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Hi there - I am flying into Boston (from blighty) for New Year this year and will then be taking a driving trip through the rest of New England and some of upstate New York.

Currently trying to get a hire car and I am concerned that I would need a 4x4 or AWD vehicle - and none of the rental sites are particularly helpful in indicating if the SUV offerings (either Trailblazers or Eqinox's) are 4 or 2 wheel drive varients. Looking on the Chevrolet site there are options for both 2 and 4 wheel drive!

Wondering if anybody can advise on the following...

1) Driving conditions in this area - (maybe as far North as Montreal)
2) Do you need a 4x4?
3) Snow Chains?
4) Do hire companies provide winter emergency packs (flashlights, shovel blankets etc)
5) Ditto - Winter tyres (~needed? provided by hire company?)

Any other useful advice - recommeded hire companies then pleasse let me know!
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i rented a 4wd grand cherokee a few years ago in las vegas, so they are out there. IIRC i got the grand through avis etc. no special company or anything. the hire company should definately know if they have 4wd or not! try for a grand cherokee, suburban, etc.
the driving conditions can get pretty nasty up around there in winter time, so i would go for a 4wd.
i have never heard of a hire company offering any kind of snow chains, specialty tires or any emergency supplies.
crossing into canada isn't too bad these days, but getting back into the states is a PIA to say the least...i have lived here for 10yrs, and it is always a hassle getting back to where i live! homeland security taken the the outrageous limits IMHO. an "ethnic minority" will never get hassled, but a plain old white guy will have all his stuff searched, go figure...

Unless there's a pretty recent blizzard, or you're going out in the middle of nowhere, the roads should be pretty clear. You'll be fine.
Cheers guys - just ordered some midsized SUV thing and I'll take it easy!
hope all goes well, i have seen a few nasty storms up around there at that time of year...
and with all the budget cut backs, i would not like to guarantee to roads will be cleared as quickly as they should be.

PM sent

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