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Hey guys,

I've read over some posts and I couldn't find a situation (exactly) similar to mine. My 2004 RR sits lower on the drivers side than the passenger side. I haven't parked it onto a flat surface (but I will tomorrow) to get the exact height of each wheel. In my driveway, a quick measurement from the center of the cap to the fender indicates that the driver side is in fact lower than the passenger by 1-2". It's also noticeable while driving, I can see that the left is lower.

Thus far I've had no error messages, but I expect them to come soon. I'd rather solve this before it happened. I've read and there are a few components you guys recommended checking out. Things like valve block, struts, air leaks, etc.

Where would you start if this were happening to you? I'll keep you guys posted and reply with the actual ride height (odb) when on a level surface tomorrow.

I can get data sensor values as well as ride height from OBD - so if sensor voltage levels are an indication of a bad sensor, let me know and I'll post those as well.
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