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Driver Seat Back Reclines By Itself..

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Hello Guys- I thought I had this problem fixed (as reported in another post) I installed the drivers door outstation I bought used of eBay and all seemed well, then a day later the seat reclined by itself, now I am back to square one.

Any suggestions, the seat is laying flat and will not respond to any of the controls? Anyone had this problem before?

Thanks, Ian
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Took the seat outboard switch assemb off and sprayed electric contact cleaner and no luck, followed all the wires and made sure connections were tight. There is power, as all other functions of the power seat work fine, it just clicks when I try to get it to come back up as if something is overriding that command.

Have you tried unpllugging the seat back harness and manually powering the recline as suggested in your previous thread on this topic?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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