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I pulled the outside handle on the door handle and I heard the **** thing snap. so I pulled the door panel apart and found the plastic piece had simply fallen out of the "spot" it was suposto be in so I pushed it back in and its been working for about 2 months. Today I pulled the door handle again and again it snapped out of place... Any ideas? There is a chance a portion of it is broken but I can't see it. You look up to see it even with really really good lighting and you just can't see it because its small and the closest you can get to it is 2 feet away because of the inside of the door and the outside of the door.

I wouldn't mind replacing the cable but I just can't tell or see if that is the problem?

Also a side question: When you place the key in the door cylinder, does your door cylinder turn to the left or right? Mine is stuck verticle?
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