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We have a 2016 HST we just love.

Beautiful red with red/black interior, 380HP, and we like that it is rare.

I love the Dynamic Cruise, Collision Avoidance, Lane Departure, Surround View, etc. of the Driver Assist.

That Driver Assist was an option on the 2016.

Any good/expert knowledge on retrofitting the option on our car?

My engineer/product development background tells me it would be very doable since it was fitted for the available option in the same year.

Of course the dealer's first and second answer is "huh?"

I've already suffered the 50% depreciation on the purchase, and we love the car, so a substantial spend on the feature we want seems a better choice than getting a new one and tossing $100K and counting out the window in another two years buy double the depreciation on a second car.

Even a new front bumper, cameras, software? I mean seems $10K $15K would still be a better financial decision.

I know there will many opinions and perspectives, but ...

Anyone have true technical knowledge specifically on this to scope the work, parts, and cost?

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I have no idea what's involve. Just dropping my 2 cents...

I would imagine all the hardware will be there already, if not, like you said, it'll be easy to retrofit the hardware. Whether or not you can find the hardware without going through dealer parts dept is going to be the tough question.

Then I would venture that there'll need to be some kind of software activation to make the options available and work. Which I also think will be the toughest to do, since dealers will probably not want to do any program work and be held responsible.

Hardware you can order with the proper VINs that had the options, and willing to pay dealership pricing. Software, not sure if that can be done at all.

Good luck thought.

I've learned years ago, that it's better to bite the bullet and get all the options vs regretting not getting it later on (not saying you should, but it's my thinking when ordering new cars now).

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