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Hi all
New to this forum so thank you for accepting me.
Bought a RRS 3.8 hse on a 58 plate a year ago, only done 80k miles.
Had an issue since I bought it and the dealer has not been able to sort it out and now the problem is worse and the other half won't drive it!
The rear end is loose and should have new bushes but have been told they are normally "boaty", would appreciate feedback on that but the main issue going around corners, now a slow as 20mph, the triangular warning light and it appears to put brakes on the front near side wheel, can't accelerate out of it and you have to ease off until you are through the corner and the light goes out.
Dealer has replaced:
Front shocks.
2 tyres so fronts and rears are not the same make.
Brake light switch.
Lower front suspension arms.

Any ideas what the problem may be?

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I am going to say your problem is in the two new tires. These trucks don't like having mismatched size tires and it causes lots of weird driving issues. Get all four matched up and go from there.
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