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So my drivers side door handle cable had snaped and was not able to get into the truck from the outside for a day, So i ended up ordering the cable direct from land rover for a wopping 12 dollars....Now here is the sad part. I had removed the door panel and cable, But The delivery guy forgot the cable! My wife called and said she absolutely need her car back (RR) so i pu the door panel back together however i must have forgot to clip in the inside door handle. She then closed the door and now we can not get into the truck. My question is is there a way to get into the door panel with the door shut? I have removed the inside door handle hoping that there would have been a entry point but had no luck. Also it seems that the door panel would not come off no matter how hard you pull ( i never put the screws back in just the push pins) as it is wedged between the seat and panel and the door frame seems to be holding on to it as well. Would the door panel arm rest come off some how? Has anyone had this expierence happen to them? Any help would be great! TIA -Rob
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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