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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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I’m in the process of reupholstering those terrible accents on my door panels and think that I’ve inadvertently gummed up my passenger side door latch.

I’ve read through as many of the posts on door latches as I could find, including the sticky, and think my solution is to replace the latch. But before I spend $250 I hoped I could get some advice.

I removed the door panel, reupholstered the accent panel, and when I went to reinstall I couldn’t open the door from either the inside or outside. I tracked down some posts and was able to use the screwdriver through the window slot trick to reset the position of the inner door handle lever on the latch and thankfully got the door open. Once I shut the door again... I was back to a door that wouldn’t open.

I’m assuming my latch is mechanically compromised and needs to be replaced, but hoped to get some feedback before spending the money.

Some Questions:

Does the lever on the latch that connects to the inner door handle cable only get (re)positioned mechanically or is it also/only controlled electronically?

If I replace the latch, could I end up with the same problem because I didn’t fix a root electrical issue?

Im a total novice and getting into electrical troubleshooting is intimidating to say the least. But if I need to dig in to save myself from a $250 dollar lesson, then that’s what I’ll do.

Additional Notes:

Truck does start (isn’t immobilized)
Door locks have been acting a bit haywire since my unopenable door issue popped up
The top of the latch and inside the door was/is moist
FOB buttons are ground to a pulp and I’ve been using the key to unlock\lock
Replaced a bad/barely alive battery in hopes that was a part of the problem. Was on my list anyway.

Thanks in advance
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