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Dog Guard

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Does anybody know the fixings to fit eh dog guard?

Not the plastic bits that go on the headlining that you get a s a kit but the bits that are on the guard itself that fasten into the brackets in the headlining
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I know them quite well as I take my dog gaurd in and out on a regular basis. Whatcha need to know?
I don't think they are availabel seperately as they are not supposed to come out. Fortunately, at least around here, the full gaurds come up on Craigslist every 4-6 weeks.
rogan said:
I had the same problem. Ended up drilling the female nut out and filling the hole with f/glass resin. Then drilled a new hole completely through the bracket, dremelled a flat bit at the back and fitted a T-nut. Strong as an ox and looks ok.
Can you post up a pic of that setup?
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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