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doesn't engage a forward gear - just revvs

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After having the diff recall work done last week along with a full service, my RR had a major issue this week. After stopping in a queue of traffic, it failed to pull away and just revved as if in neutral. In engaged reverse with no problem and would pull away first time if i re-started the engine but as soon as I stopped it would then fail to pull away again. anyone come across this?
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Any faults displayed on the dash? Does it work if you engage manual/tiptronic? I'm afraid it doesn't sound good to me. I bet your first gear sprag is on its way out... RRPhil may have a more informed opinion if he reads this thread. I don't know if this could in any way be connected to the diff service.
Yep, I agree with linuxfreakus. The first thing to try is engaging 1st gear in manual mode to force the low & reverse clutch to engage and bypass the low clutch sprag.

Unlike with the ZF box, the 5L40-E also allows you to manually select 2nd gear when stationary, so you could try that too to eliminate a forward clutch problem together with its associated sprag.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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