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Do we need a new sub form for the '10+ RRS?

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Just throwing it out there since on the outside they are similar but on the inside and under the hood they are completely different...
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I agree.. a sub forum would be nice. May take a while before enough members join for it to be active.. but I do think alike w/ my european brethren.
The next subforum will be the MarkVI or second generation Sport. Splitting the Sport forum now would be like splitting the P38 forum when they went to Bosch or splitting the MarkIII forum when they went to Jaguar. The 2010 may be quite different, but it is still a Sport.
I agree with toad. This forum is lightly frequented enough - and I like seeing the '10RRS posts (and I'm sure it doesn't hurt sales, which helps our brand remain viable)..
When is the second generation Sport coming out?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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