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99 RR 4.0. dipstick is just under 28" long. each time i change the oil (7 qts) the dipstick reads about 3/4"-1" over the full mark. i burn little oil and haven't really worried about it because i regularly check the level and change every 4-5k miles. the top end was redone about 25k miles ago and i'm wondering if they put the wrong dipstick in. did a search and didn't see anything and was wondering if anyone knows how long the dipstick is supposed to be. not a pressing issue but curious. TIA.

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7 US Quarts = 6.6 litres

That's the fill quantity for a dry engine.

The fill quantity with filter change is 5.8 litres. You're overfilling by nearly 1 US Qt.

The following capacities are approximate and provided as a guide only. All oil levels must be checked using the dipstick or level plugs as applicable.
Fuel tank 95 litre (21 gall)
Engine oil (from dry):
- Diesel vehicles 8,20 litre
- Petrol vehicles 6,60 litre
Engine oil refill and filter change:
- Diesel vehicles 7,20 litre
- Petrol vehicles 5,80 litre

The US owner's handbook doesn't seem to make that distinction, it only shows the 7 qts.
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