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On the long list of repairs required to my 93 Rangie was the horn. After a few tests it turned out to be the switch. So rather then buying a new unit I thought I would have a go repairing it. Well it turns out that it was an easy fix and I thought it would be good to post up the "How to" as I couldn't find anything on the net.

The horn switch is operated by pushing the button on the end of the indicator arm. When you push it a plastic rod is used to transmit the force to a metal contact in the switch itself. My guess is that excessive horn use makes the contact get hot and the plastic rod melts a little. Mine looked like a mushroom on the end. I found that at full depression of the button the contact was not making contact and when released there was 1-2mm of free play at the button before it took up the slack. I simply cleaned up the "Mushrooming" from the contact end of the rod and at the button end there is a cavity where you can add a small piece of plastic that will keep the rod fully extended. I then added some epoxy to keep the added plastic piece in place. Put it all back together and it works like new. If you try this yourself, take care of the fibre optics for the illumination as mine looked delicate. Here are some images. I forgot to take a photo with the rod removed and before the epoxy.

Remove the screw from the rear of the arm, then leaver the front out of the arm from the button end.


You can see where the epoxy is holding the added piece of plastic just where the rod enters the button section.

The added piece of plastic is placed to the right of the rod.

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