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DIY 75k mi Service?

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I'm currently on an extended business trip, so I thought it might be the perfect time to have my '06 RRS SC'ed in for some basic maintenance. It's at about 73k miles, and just had its 60k service a few miles late around 65k (and obviously the oil changes since then). I shot an email over to a dealership near my office thinking I'd have one of the folks at my office deliver it for me. They recommend the 75k service for nearly $1k. I know, I know if you can't pay the maintenance then you don't belong in a RRS. It's not that at all, I just don't like feeling like I'm getting ripped off either. Hell, I just put a $2k clutch in my Z06 but I new it was necessary for the power it makes. I'm not sure I feel like a $1k service is necessary.

So I'm thinking about just doing the 75k service myself when I get home. I have access to a lift, air tools, etc. etc. So my question is are there any specialty tools required for anything listed below, and/or DIY guides for some of the funky stuff:

Line OpCode Operation Text Service Operation Total
A ( new ) B006A075000 Service - 75,000 Miles 4.2L Sport w/ Locking Differential $975.66
Included Services
00001R: Replace Engine Oil
00003R: Replace Engine Oil Filter
00004M: Reset Service Indicator
00005M: Road Test
00006M: Rotate Tires
00009T: Check Torque of Tie Rod Ends, Tighten to 76 Nm (56 lbt ft)
00021L: Lubricate Wheel Centering Hub
00028L: Lubricate Door Check Straps
00054R: Replace Pollen Air Filter
00057R: Replace Rear Differential Fluid
00090R: Replace Transfer Case Fluid
00145R: Replace Anti-Roll Control Valve Filter
0016IN: Inspect Battery and Clean Terminals
0017IN: Inspect Body Paint and Corrosion
0023CN: Clean Oil Cooler Externally
0023IN: Inspect Brake Pads and/or Linings, Rotors and/or Drums
0024CN: Clean Anti-Roll Control Valve Externally
0032IN: Inspect Drive Belt(s)
0046IN: Inspect Exhaust System and Heat Shields
0057IN: Inspect Parking Brake Operation
0059IN: Inspect Power Steering Fluid Level
0079IN: Inspect Tires and Adjust Air Pressures, Including Spare Tire
0087IN: Inspect Windshield Wiper Blades
0110IN: Inspect Brake Fluid Level
0113IN: Inspect Engine Coolant Level
0116IN: Inspect Horn
0123IN: Inspect Window Washer Fluid Level
0125IN: Inspect Function of All Lights
0127IN: Inspect and Correct Battery Electrolyte Level
0138IN: Inspect for Fluid Leaks
0152IN: Inspect Rear Wiper Blade
0157IN: Inspect Warning and Indicator Lamps
0160IN: Inspect Windshield Wiper Operation
0171IN: Inspect Locks and Latches
0192IN: Inspect Window Washer Operation
0198IN: Inspect Function of Rear Window Wiper
Labor Time: 2.40
Part Number Part Description Quantity
1013938 Drain Plug 1
5W30C CH Engine Oil 8
IYB500020 Drain Plug 2
IYF500030 Drain Plug Gskt 2
JKR500020 Pollen Filter 1
LR007160 Oil Filter 1
LRN0753 CH Gear Oil 2
LRN500070 CH Gear Oil 2
RVJ100010 Filter 1
Total: $975.66

The only things I'm really questioning are:
  • Resetting the Service Indicator[/*:m:26k54ild]
  • Replace Anti-Roll Control Valve Filter[/*:m:26k54ild]
But are there any others that are particularly annoying on a RRS SC'ed? I've had my 'vette apart and back together more times than I care to think about, built a solid axle swapped 4Runner, LS1 swapped a FD RX7, and worked on everything from my old B2200 to a friend's F430 so I'm decent with a wrench. I just wanted to know if there are particular oddities to working on the RRS. Thanks!


PS- does anybody else think that for nearly $1k they could at least throw in brake and powersteering fluid flushes???
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This is a long list of things to replace and check. I assume you'll need some software to diagnose and reset some of these items.

How much your time worth? If you like working with the ranch then working on the car should be fun but working on the car just to save $1k doesn't sound like much fun.
tjZ06 said:
It's really not a long list of things that get replaced... a pretty long list of things that get inspected though. They only charge 2.4 hours of labor, so it's not a lot of actual work. What's my time worth? I don't know, but it's not like I get paid hourly and I'll be missing a day of work to do the work. I always find that a silly argument. I do enjoy working on cars with my buddies (I like wrench work, not a big fan of "ranch" work as you put it though ;) ) though so I consider it fun. That being said, I obviously don't have the proper diagnostic tool to reset the service indicator. Otherwise everything else looks straight-forward. I just asked about the anti-roll control valve filter specifically since that is very specific to the RRS and I personally haven't worked on one.


Sorry about the ranch :shock: - although working in a ranch might be more fun then working with the wrench :) - I hate when my smartphone guesses the next word - sometimes they are not that smart. In any case, the point wasn't literally about your hourly rate - as a businessman with busy lifestyle how much it worth to you to spend your free time working on the car. Since you enjoy doing so - i am sure it worth your time.

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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