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DIY 75k mi Service?

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I'm currently on an extended business trip, so I thought it might be the perfect time to have my '06 RRS SC'ed in for some basic maintenance. It's at about 73k miles, and just had its 60k service a few miles late around 65k (and obviously the oil changes since then). I shot an email over to a dealership near my office thinking I'd have one of the folks at my office deliver it for me. They recommend the 75k service for nearly $1k. I know, I know if you can't pay the maintenance then you don't belong in a RRS. It's not that at all, I just don't like feeling like I'm getting ripped off either. Hell, I just put a $2k clutch in my Z06 but I new it was necessary for the power it makes. I'm not sure I feel like a $1k service is necessary.

So I'm thinking about just doing the 75k service myself when I get home. I have access to a lift, air tools, etc. etc. So my question is are there any specialty tools required for anything listed below, and/or DIY guides for some of the funky stuff:

Line OpCode Operation Text Service Operation Total
A ( new ) B006A075000 Service - 75,000 Miles 4.2L Sport w/ Locking Differential $975.66
Included Services
00001R: Replace Engine Oil
00003R: Replace Engine Oil Filter
00004M: Reset Service Indicator
00005M: Road Test
00006M: Rotate Tires
00009T: Check Torque of Tie Rod Ends, Tighten to 76 Nm (56 lbt ft)
00021L: Lubricate Wheel Centering Hub
00028L: Lubricate Door Check Straps
00054R: Replace Pollen Air Filter
00057R: Replace Rear Differential Fluid
00090R: Replace Transfer Case Fluid
00145R: Replace Anti-Roll Control Valve Filter
0016IN: Inspect Battery and Clean Terminals
0017IN: Inspect Body Paint and Corrosion
0023CN: Clean Oil Cooler Externally
0023IN: Inspect Brake Pads and/or Linings, Rotors and/or Drums
0024CN: Clean Anti-Roll Control Valve Externally
0032IN: Inspect Drive Belt(s)
0046IN: Inspect Exhaust System and Heat Shields
0057IN: Inspect Parking Brake Operation
0059IN: Inspect Power Steering Fluid Level
0079IN: Inspect Tires and Adjust Air Pressures, Including Spare Tire
0087IN: Inspect Windshield Wiper Blades
0110IN: Inspect Brake Fluid Level
0113IN: Inspect Engine Coolant Level
0116IN: Inspect Horn
0123IN: Inspect Window Washer Fluid Level
0125IN: Inspect Function of All Lights
0127IN: Inspect and Correct Battery Electrolyte Level
0138IN: Inspect for Fluid Leaks
0152IN: Inspect Rear Wiper Blade
0157IN: Inspect Warning and Indicator Lamps
0160IN: Inspect Windshield Wiper Operation
0171IN: Inspect Locks and Latches
0192IN: Inspect Window Washer Operation
0198IN: Inspect Function of Rear Window Wiper
Labor Time: 2.40
Part Number Part Description Quantity
1013938 Drain Plug 1
5W30C CH Engine Oil 8
IYB500020 Drain Plug 2
IYF500030 Drain Plug Gskt 2
JKR500020 Pollen Filter 1
LR007160 Oil Filter 1
LRN0753 CH Gear Oil 2
LRN500070 CH Gear Oil 2
RVJ100010 Filter 1
Total: $975.66

The only things I'm really questioning are:
  • Resetting the Service Indicator[/*:m:26k54ild]
  • Replace Anti-Roll Control Valve Filter[/*:m:26k54ild]
But are there any others that are particularly annoying on a RRS SC'ed? I've had my 'vette apart and back together more times than I care to think about, built a solid axle swapped 4Runner, LS1 swapped a FD RX7, and worked on everything from my old B2200 to a friend's F430 so I'm decent with a wrench. I just wanted to know if there are particular oddities to working on the RRS. Thanks!


PS- does anybody else think that for nearly $1k they could at least throw in brake and powersteering fluid flushes???
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It's really not a long list of things that get replaced... a pretty long list of things that get inspected though. They only charge 2.4 hours of labor, so it's not a lot of actual work. What's my time worth? I don't know, but it's not like I get paid hourly and I'll be missing a day of work to do the work. I always find that a silly argument. I do enjoy working on cars with my buddies (I like wrench work, not a big fan of "ranch" work as you put it though ;) ) though so I consider it fun. That being said, I obviously don't have the proper diagnostic tool to reset the service indicator. Otherwise everything else looks straight-forward. I just asked about the anti-roll control valve filter specifically since that is very specific to the RRS and I personally haven't worked on one.

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1098STricolore said:
Sorry about the ranch :shock: - although working in a ranch might be more fun then working with the wrench :) - I hate when my smartphone guesses the next word - sometimes they are not that smart. In any case, the point wasn't literally about your hourly rate - as a businessman with busy lifestyle how much it worth to you to spend your free time working on the car. Since you enjoy doing so - i am sure it worth your time.

Gotchya... I was just joking around about the 'ranch' thing. Yeah, I guess with business taking up so much of my time working on cars is still a bit of a release that reminds me of the 'good old days' when I "had" to fix my own cars. LoL.

I just wanted to know if there are any pitfalls in the 75k rundown.

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