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Discovery to Classic parts interchange

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Can anyone tell me what and all parts will interchange with a classic?
I am buying a 1998 Discovery just for the wheels. The whole thing is less than $500.
Good motor, bad trans
The more I can use, the better of course

Now I'll have 3 rovers that dont move HAHA
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Axles will swap
Door handles
Door seal
Rear view
Been better if it was a 95
Thank you.
Why is 95 better?
I am only buying the Disco for the wheels actually.
I like the boost style
Could use the Discovery for all the parts needed to do a transfer case swap.
nearly all but the body, discovery allways was a basic range clone. some electronics match, all door internals, complete drivetrain, chassis, door handles. the list goes on if you get into the bit and pieces.
I only say 95 better
It had a 3.9
So you could use all the motor parts
Like tps
It also already had the spark modulator relocated
That is a good call.
Got me thinking about finding a 95 or older.
Do you guys know if the seats will swap ok?
Why is 95 better?
95 is not better it is different. many bits are one year only and they are a PITA. I had a gorgeous 95LWB with full custom interior that i sold with only 30K miles because some parts were ridiculous to find
95 is better for a parts truck
Just my humble opinion
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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