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Disco to 2009 L322 with 90k - what to expect?

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Hey guys - I have an 02 discovery and looking to jump into an 09 RR FFRR Lux with 90k miles. Owner bought it from dealership about 2 years ago and hasn't done too much maintenance wise but also hasn't had any issues. He is asking $13k - I'd like it for around $10-11k - its very clean, black on black interior.

I'm no stranger to anything and everything going wrong coming from a disco so I just want to know what to look for and what to expect with a clean truck around this mileage? What should I expect to replace within the first year of ownership. This will be a second car primarily for road trips - mountain days. If it becomes reliable enough to DD I would consider selling my mazda3 but I'm too afraid to let go of the mazda because it's such a reliable daily.
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