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it is nearly impossible to dislodge an air spring if you run unmodified suspension height. it would be and it is nearly impossible to do so even under extreme articulation as the axle will not go beyond mechanical limits, furthermore the air pressure much like a tire keeps the springs in place and the height sensors maintain inflate pressure.
the cause of dislocation normally occurs on, defective leaking springs coupled to a modified suspension and over extended articulated axle.
the spring looses pressure the spring leaks fails to maintain seat and the extended over articulation pulls the spring from perch.
unless the locks on the perches are not present and the spring leaks, dislodge of an inflated spring from axle perch is nearly impossible during normal limits of full articulation.

extended height settings, hard programmed will cause misbehave of vehicle as vehicle becomes top heavy I/e its center of gravity raises. land rover programmed the safety of the system to lower to standard setting over 50mph in order to avoid litigation resulting from top heavy condition. thus it is up to operator to feel the behavior of the "lifted" suspension at speeds and act accordingly.

sorry reads like a ramble but just clarifying some mis-information.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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