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Dirty Headliner After Service Visit

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The poor service was bad enough. It took three visits to fix a rattling noise that came from the rear spoiler area on my Sport. Each time, I was assured that it was fixed. Each time, they were wrong. On my third visit, I pointed out a new rattle in the headliner area behind the sunroof. It was pretty loud. Not like the seat belt adjuster rattle that drives me crazy on a daily basis. When I finally picked up my car last night, I noticed smudgy hand prints all over the headliner and the sunroof shade. The headliner is ivory, so it shows really well. Whoever worked on my car didn't take the initiative to either: 1) wear gloves; or 2) clean his hands first. I am so angry. I called the manager this morning, and they assure me that it can be cleaned.

Is it possible to completely clean the headliner without harming it? I'm nervous that it either won't look like it did or that it will eventually cause the fabric to detach and sag. Does anybody have any experience with this?
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That really irritates me too, but its not limited to LR dealers, worse since yours is even newer. I would take some dish detergent, very diluted (so its mildy soapy) and dab it with a clean cloth, turning the cloth to a clean side each time. Then press hard with a clean dry cloth to get the moisture out. The dealer may just take it back and clean it with a not so clean cloth.
Sport I feel for you. My dealer did the same thing to mine right in front of the rear view mirror / Sunroof. Drove me nuts every time I saw it dirty. I ended up using the tide pen to clean it and it worked well. Honestly I wouldn't have the dealer clean ANYTHING as they are likey to make it worse or dirty another area in the process.
The light headliner does in fact clean up pretty well: our lab jumped into the open back and proceeded to shake off the mud he just rolled in - little spots were everywhere. I was so irritated, but took it to our local car wash and they did a fantastic job.
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