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I have acquired a set of headlamps from an 09 RR Sport. The part # found on the top sticker is 6H3213W030NB8LZN , but I cannot seem to find that on the RR website.

While searching ebay for similar, I see there seem to be 2 styles for that generation, one that has mounting tabs on the top, and mine which secure via metal pull tabs.

I also noticed that the background for many have a carbon fiber background, while mine is just gray with some design holes below the xenon projector.

I thought maybe it would be AFS versions versus non AFS, but I did see some with the AFS module that have mounting screw tabs.

Anyone have insight on fitment or any other info on the differences? What Range Rovers would use the pull tab mount versus the 2 screw tabs at the top?


Here is a picture of my headlamp. s-l1600.jpg

Here's a picture of one I found on ebay that has the mounting tabs and AFS modules.

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The problem you have here is the 1st lamp is for a Range Rover L320 Sport and the lower one is for a Range Rover L322 Full Size. They are not interchangeable

This is the L322 forum and your truck (if that headlight is from it) is an L320 Sport. I'd repost over there to get more feedback.

One of the mods will probably tell you to update your signature with your vehicle info and location so folks can better help you here and locally.
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