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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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OK, so... after searching through the forum, and the rest of the interwebs, and holding out on posting this until I needed some help on the next step, here it is --

problem: p38 dieseling / won't shutdown, keeps running / can remove key and drive forever, no problem


- I've noticed if i cause a sudden jarring, such as slamming a door or moving the car slightly, pressing on the brakes and quickly putting it in park, the car will finally shut off.
- the problem appears to be getting worse
- the car feels/sounds to be idling higher, but instrument cluster shows nothing unusual
- ** i've noticed that sometimes when i get it to shutdown by slamming a door, occassionally the gear selector will remain lit up -- and if i leave it in thiss state, and come back a few min later, both sides of selector (high and low gears) will be illuminated.. (I feel like this is more significant than the others)

things i've tried:

- 2 diff bottles of fuel cleaner in tank, 2 seperate times
- using higher octane fuel
- adjusting idle (worked for 2 shutdowns, has not since)

i've stopped short of anything costly in hopes of getting an outside, more educated (and free!) opinion.

my (currently lingering) questions:

- i believe this problem began after an oil change from 10w40 to 5w30... is there anyway that oil weight/viscosity can be a factor, given the temps in SE Louisiana ?
- should i test/check: spark plugs? fuel injectors? fuel pump? .... and if so, how? (n00b)
- try some seafoam?

thanks in advance, if even just for reading this.

1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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Diesel clatter in the P38 V8 engine can be caused by the glycol of the coolingwater system entering and burning inside the cylinders when a slipped liner or broken head gasket causes leaks from the coolingwater space to the combustion chambers.

Check your coolant level and if it is low, try to drain everything and refill with only water and see if the symptoms disappear.

Best regards

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