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Hi guys

I havent posted for a while as I have been rather busy on trying to get my RR starting properly again

I couldn't be bothered searching for all the posts regarding bad starting issues so decided to post this and hope that it helps solve the problems with others

Basically the prob was that the car was a nightmare to start first thing in the morning and was moderately better during the say - although this was also getting worse as time went by - I repalced the glow plugs but made no difference - I found out later that there are good replacement plugs and bad replacement plugs - guess which I bought first!?

To me it felt like the fuel lines were knacked and I was having to pump the fuel through the lines but putting in a one way fuel valve did not help either.

So under orders from a garage - I removed the injectors and replaced the glow plugs for decent ones - The injectors were overhauled - not cheap - about £300 for the six - it turns our they were fecked - to coin a phrase - so bad, the guy in the shop could not believe the car was running to be precise.

So put the recon injectors back in, added the new glow plugs and guess what?

it's great - starts first time - one pre-heat and its away - 8 months of dodgy starting and it is solved!

so hopefully the injectors being overhauled might be the answer for others with the same problem?

I was also told that the timing chain could be stretched (by unregular oil changes) and causing the timing to be out - one cure for this could be to advance the timing pump/fuel pump etc but thankfully it didnt come to this - changing the timing chain is also another solution but would take a long time - a fairly big job

so deciding to start biannual oil changes to make sure the chain does not start to stretch in the future

ok all the best
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