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diesel P38 DSE,should i do it?

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Hi All
I am thinking of replacing my 1996 Discovery 300tdi ES with a P38 DSE,now i am a RRC man and also have a 1993 Lse which is a super example which i enjoy driving,i display it at some RRR shows when i can,i am also in the process of sorting out a tidy 1988 3.5efi on LPG,and the disco is my day to day runabout,i have been toying with a P38 but get such mixed views,any info or advise on the above would be a great help.
Thanks Valveboyly
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yer i agree with dean searched high and low for a decent on and it was i looked at a fare few first complete and utter crap paid 5 grand for mine 2 years ago not tryin to teach yer to suck eggs but take yer time in lookin what looks good in a piccy aint neccarsarily so :eek:
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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