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DICE iPod users, do you turn the iPod off everytime?

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Had a go at installing the DICE iPod adapter thingy today. The task is about halfway done with the proper connections made back at the radio and the extension wire routed up out of the spare wheel area, through the cargo hold and under the back seat. The iPod and little DICE module are just sitting in the backseat at this point. Given that it was 150 degrees in my garage, I had already consumed 8 beers and dinner was ready, I stopped for the evening. To any users of this product, do you switch of the iPod every time you leave the car? What happens if you just get out of the car with the iPod on? I have already tested the system and the iPod just stays on when I power down the car. This is in all three modes for the adapter (iPod control, car control and 'smart' mode). Will the iPod eventually just shut off or will it completely deplete the battery?

FWIW, I highly advise buying this product if your CD changer takes a dump or you just want iPod functionality on your 03-04. I have full control over the iPod from the steering wheel and the title/artist is displayed in the instrument binnacle. All I need to do is route the cable to put the iPod in the center console and it will be close to perfect. :thumb:
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Nobody with a DICE kit has any input?

FWIW, when the car is powered down the iPod indicates that it is not being charged. Will an iPod auto-off after some amount of time?
Hmm, I wrote a re: last night. Hopefully it wasn't offensive & hence yanked by the admin. :doh:

Anyway, I helped a buddy install a DICE on his '04 HSE. There is no power to the ipod once ignition is off. Ipods don't auto off, they only will go off if the base input is compatible with all of the iPods function. Unfortunately even though it is powered through the charging base, DICE doesn't communicate 1:1 w/ iPod for some bizarre reason. But I'd double check a workaround from whomever you purchased it from.

As I recall because DICE replaces cd (emulates your changer) it's not providing the signal to the iPod to make it think it's fully integrated, and hence doesn't power off w/ car.

But, I don't know for certain, just know it didn't turn off in his either.
drdread said:
Hmm, I wrote a re: last night. Hopefully it wasn't offensive & hence yanked by the admin. :doh:
:think: Nothing in the mod logs about this thread having deletes or changes. :geek:

Can you please let me know what model DICE you bought, as still, here in the U.K. i cant find one to work on my 2003!


p.s. post up some pics! ;)
I have the DICE system installed on my 2003 and when I shut the vehicle off, the ipod automatically gets paused and continues to charge.
I used this site: www.mp3carpros.com

As an aside, the iPod has now started to auto pause and shut off a few seconds after I turn of the ignition. The whole unit seems to act sort of strangely by sometimes displaying title and artist in the instrument cluster, sometimes on the nave screen or sometimes not at all. Sound quality is very good but the interface to the car is a little off.
Ok there are def some gremlins in the system. So I asked my buddy to not pause b4 he turned off the car, & it paused on it's own over the last 24hrs. So now it seems fully integrated.

I dunno. :think:

Either way sound is great. Rel inexpensive option to connect an iPod. You can't lose either way.
I just picked one of these units up, plugged in the harness and it did not pick up the ipod. Did you have to disconnect the CD changer in the front of the vehicle?

You are supposed to: disconnect battery, pull fuse #40 for the cd changer, disconnect the changer harness in the rear and plug in the DiCE module. Reconnect battery, turn on car and wait a few seconds. Access the iPod by selecting the changer. This thing isn't really a fully integrated interface but just a quick and dirty fix that emulates the changer. Your navigation voice will be lost once you do this BTW, glad they mention that on the website :roll: .
I got it working, disconnecting the battery/Fuse 40 worked. My instructions said to move the small black clip in the large harness to the replacement harness to get the navigation sound to work. Leave the White connector in place/disconnected.

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