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As an aside to the ABS thread I've just posted... if I do indeed end up having to visit a garage with diagnostics, can anyone in the UK recommend me someone to take it to in the Sheffield area...? Rotherham/Doncaster is also do-able.

I only really know of the main dealer in town [Guy Salmon] but don't fancy getting ripped off.

Cheers in advance


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I'm not familiar with your other thread, so am not commenting one way or the other on the benefits of a diagnostic visit in relation to that.

DLS in Wirksworth is a bit far from you, but given a reasonable approach is small enough for you to be able to talk to the people with dirty hands and direct experience. They do work on 38A's.
http://www.dls-uk.co.uk/contactus.htm and scroll down
Perhaps one to keep in the back pocket if nothing better comes up.

Going the other way, Steve Parkers Land Rovers in Rochdale have an excellent reputation, at least that's in the same county!!
Steve Parker Land Rovers Ltd.
Lloyd Street, Whitworth, Rochdale
OL12 8AA TEL: 01706 854222
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