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Can someone please help me with this EAS Fault code.. I've purchased the ODB II cable from RSW that is fully compatible with the EAS unlock suite..i've run the program and the fault is not going away. Below is a copy of the read out from the software - however I have no idea what it really means..

1 : F8:2_Hidden
3 : F8:8_Hidden
6 : RR signal incorrect
0 : Engine speed fault
1 : Vehicle speed fault
3 : Pressure signal constantly low
0 : Cannot lower FL
1 : Cannot lower FR
2 : Cannot lower RL
3 : Cannot lower RR
4 : FA:16_Hidden
5 : FA:32_Hidden
6 : FA:64_Hidden
7 : FA:128_Hidden
1 : FR valve stuck open
0 : FL valve stuck closed
2 : RL valve stuck closed
3 : RR valve stuck closed

Also, at the top of the fault screen there are 5 boxes: F8, F9, FA, FB, and FC...what do these represent? also the software displays values in the boxes and they are: f8 has a 74, F9 has a 11, FA 255, FB 2 and F3 13.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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There are about 30 possible faults that the ECU can identify/store. The precence of any of these faults is stored by enabling one binary 'bit' from the relevant memory address (F8-FC). Each of the five memory addresses F8-FC can store one byte (= 8 'bits') of data (= one HEX number in the range 00-FF). Thus the five lots of 8-bits, giving a possible of 40 storage locations. Some storage locations are not used (as there are only about 30 possible codes). Any locations that are not used will be flagged as 'hidden' in the EAS software. Thus if you are getting output from the software that includes 'hidden' values being returned, then this is indicating some communications problems with the ECU. It is incredibly unlikely for you to have 18 faults stored in this ECU. It is quite unlikely for you to have more than about 3-4 faults stored.

So, this output is probably indicative of communications failure. There could be several reasons for this: bad cable (unlikely as it is bought); using an incompatible USB-serial adaptor; slight timing issues.

Can you please tell me if you are using a USB-Serial adaptor? Do you have access to a pc with a 'proper' serial port (- these are far more accurate that USB-Serial adaptors)? It could be some timing issues, but for those you will either have to play about yourself or ask Storey - he has done more tweaking of timings than I.

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check the connecters under the left kick pannel, by the bonnet release on LHD models. If the pollen filter cover leaks, Murphys law states it will drip into these connectors. Apply the law again and the 1 bad wire will be the EAS communications link....

Took me 2 weeks to find this on mine before I got a friendly hint from Oz.

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Sorry for the delay in my response. I usually get these questions through email.

You are most likely on the wrong comm port. Number one question and most important piece of information is, what are you getting back in the Rx buffer? If you are getting "FF" and "1" alternating, then you are always on the wrong comm port. Please see the FAQ;

AND The Videos;

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