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Hello friends,

I've enjoyed my RR very much, still a classy vehicle even though its almost 11 years old. I'm a decent good DIY er and have done valve cover gaskets, spark plugs, PCV, Alternator, drive belt, various filters and similar maintenance over the past two years of ownership. Currently at 142K mi.

Just completed a 900+ mi road trip to and back from Arkansas and have new, significant issues diagnosed by a trustworthy Land Rover only shop here in Dallas as "The valley gasket and the timing cover both need to be resealed". All this falls under $5k to complete within the next 10 days if I ok it. Attached is the work order.

Honestly, kind of mad at the rover. My 4x4 Eddie Bauer Ford Excursion has literally only had oil changes, brakes and tires and has just 10k less miles than the Rover.

The Rover is in great shape, interior and exterior, all onboard electric functions operate properly - still in really fantastic condition.
What would you do in my shoes? Cut losses and sell it (maybe worth 10-12k)? bite the bullet and repair it (leery of this as no suspension work has been done, tans or drivetrain work to speak of and those repairs run 3-5K, too)? Live with it ( just top off every couple of months, deal with a bit of burning oil)?

I guess technically all jobs could be done by ones self but this seems just of of reach of a DIY...

Input here is much appreciated.
Members have done that at home, nothing beyond having some basic tools, the parts and time. I did this on my 04 years ago, I think it took 8ish hours straight through and 300ish in parts.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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