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dealership issues, loaner car?

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my car is under warranty and needs work. i wanted to bring it to the dealer and i ASSUMED that i would get a loaner. they tell me "NO". wtf?????? what is your guys' experience with this?
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I normally get some POS loaner.
I used to get Land Rover loaner vehicles up until two months ago, and now I get an crappy Enterprise Rent A Car such as a Chrysler Sebring-I guess it is the equivalent of my 2007 Range Rover. The dealership told me they had to sell all their loaner cars. I do not like the direction Tata is taking, and yes I perfectly understand the need to curb expenses during tough economic times, but I am afraid they will be alienating customers. The privileges of owning a Land Rover are slowly fading away: no more loaner cars, no more scheduled maintenance, and turn down as much warranty work as you can...This is sad, as I will be looking elsewhere when it is time for a replacement vehicle. So much for owning Land Rover vehicles for the last 25 years. Will I miss it, you bet, but there are many vehicles out there that are more reliable with much better customer service. I put up with the nickel and dime warranty and quality issues for a long time because I always received top notch service from my dealer. Too bad they cannot offer excellent service anymore...C'est la vie...
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Loaner policies are set by the individual dealer, not Tata. It was the same exact story when Ford was in charge. Here in L.A., those policies vary widely depending on the dealer, and all dealers are cutting back on perks for their service customers these days.
I get an LR3 everytime. No questions asked.
Dealer in Annapolis, MD gave me a Land Rover loaner while my RR was under warranty then tried not to after 4/yrs, 50,000 miles. I barked a very little and they continued to give me one. Very nice of them. On the other hand, I'm told Land Rover New Orleans only gives loaners if you purchased the car from them. Then, if you do get a loaner, it's usually some nasty, filthy enterprise rent a car....
I get a loaner every time, sometimes it's a LR or a Jaguar (it's a LR/Jag dealership), sometimes it's an enterprise car. Not getting a loaner car is a literal deal-breaker whenever I buy a car and I make that clear at the time of purchase. My BMW dealer almost always sports me a BMW loaner. Having said that I bought both my BMW and my Range Rover at the local dealer where they are serviced. I have less sympathy for the guys that buy across the state to save $50 and then want a loaner at the local dealer.
I have to agree with Remington, when you go budget shopping instead of buying from the local dealer, don't expect VIP treatment. It seems like good business to give the nicer loaners to those that are their customers that buy cars from them.
Shop around for a dealer who will give you a loaner. They all want business now.

Enterprise = Rent-a-prize IMHO.
Yup it is all up to the dealer. I got nothing at LR Cary, but in Wilmington I always get an LR3 to drive.
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