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Hi folks first post,
Has anyone had my problem before,
driving the other day in very hot conditions with air con on, got a message on touch screen saying low voltage, within 10 seconds everything started to shut down, air con, touch screen, LCD dashboard, central locking, electric windows, so on and so on except for the engine, pulled over and decided to turn the engine off and try to re set it, bad move,smart key not found cam up on the dashboard, ended up leaving it over night, read stuff on tinterweb and managed to get it started with the smart key held below the steering wheel, drove to a local Indy JLR garage who then plugged it in to the dealer hub,
Came up with medium speed canbus not working,
They’ve now swapped the central control box (BCU) and the smart key ECU brand new genuine parts, I also put a brand new battery on it for them at £200 A’s was told this could be the problem,still coming up with no medium speed canbus,
By the way the car won’t start anymore as when they plugged it in it lost the transpoder code from the smart key,it’s in complete shutdown, it’s like it had a heart attack ,
Any help would be most grateful as I’m losing the will to live ....
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