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Dead on the road

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Ok let me try this again. I have an 06 hse with the 4.4 . Trucks been running fine, actually great. This morning I was on my way to work and I drove about a mile. Came to an intersection and stopped. Well when I stopped the truck died. No sputtering, nothing it was like I shut the key off and left all the accessories on. I tried to start it and all it did was crank over. I’ve checked the fuel pump ( working) I’ve checked spark ( have it) sprayed stating fluid into intake not even a cough or sputter. Any ideas, I need my baby running....
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How did you check for spark? Was the spark good and strong... or just spark? If starting fluid does not get any reaction that usually indicates no spark or very weak spark. In addition, just because the fuel pump is running does not mean you have enough fuel pressure, or any at the engine.
I pulled the coil and used a spark tester that went into the coil and on the plug. As for the gas I was unable to find the fuel rail blender. It didn’t sputter or chug that’s why I didn’t think it was the fuel pump. I ordered a ob2 for Range Rovers to see if there are any codes. Can I use it with out my baby running? I really appreciate all the help and advice..
As long as the key is on most OBD 2 readers will read the codes. Generic ones don't provide all the codes though so you may get a code or codes, but might miss some as well. I have a cheap harbor freight one that will read codes but only from the engine and maybe some from the transmission. Nothing else is obtainable from the other controllers in the truck using the one I have. I doo have SDD so I can dig a lot deeper into the rest of the truck.
Copy that, thanks. I won’t be home until the weekend. I’ll try and see if there is any codes. I’ve never had any lights or notifications other than my spare tire pressure is low. I’m hoping it’s just a sensor or relay.
Ok so my battery was dead, my charger took a crap and I had to hook up my booster to use my obd2 scanner. What it is saying is there is no comunication with the imobilizer( lost comunication with imoblizer). Do I now need to have the it reset. And is that something I can do myself.
Search for it, been covered
Ok I talked to a vehicle programmer and he told me that it would not be my immobilizer due to the fact that I was driving when it died. He said that it’s only on start up. He told me that it’s my ecm and that’s why it’s saying can’t communicate with immobilizer. Does that sound about right. I’m out of town working and won’t be home until next weekend so I’m just going to have my baby towed to the dealership in Cleveland and have them fix it. All I can say is boy does my wife hate my truck, she’s a little jealous because when I’m home it’s been getting my money and time.
I have a '03 that behaved very similarly and it was the fuel pump. The psi on the fuel rail was very erratic and would bleed down almost immediately once it was shut off. Self-repair was not a big deal. Access is easy beneath the rear seat.
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