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Hi Guys,

I am a virgin to this forum but have seen some very useful threads and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I recently purchased a 2004 HSE TD6 with very low milage. About 1 month after owning the vehicle the message center came up with the ever so popular "HDC inactive / Air Susp Inactive" message. I took it back to the dealer and they said no worries we will look in to it. I picked the vehicle up a few days later with all the fault messages removed. Not entirely sure what they did but needless to say while driving home the vehicle yet again displayed the fault warnings with the "Air Susp Inactive and this time also giving a warning not to exceed 60kmph. Took the vehicle back straight away. The vehicle has gone to 3 licensed service dealers for RR and put on the diag. equipment with no fault /error codes being present so they have absoultly no idea what the issue is. Some have suggested sensors in the steering column, others have mentioned sensors attached to the transfer case. While in the possesssion of one of the licenced dealers the vehicle failed to start...so the whole car is now completely dead. With some minor fault finding they suspected it to be the immobiliser module. The theory was not enough charge was getting to the other systems such as the EAS therefore the systems failed. Once they bypassed the immobiliser the vehicle started without a problem. The module was replaced and yet again the car is dead. The new theory is the alternator is at fault. A replacement part was ordered and replaced and still the problem exists. The vehicle will not start and needless to say the original faults with the EAS are probably still present.

Has anyone seen these multiple problems before? Any ideas?

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