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2002-2005 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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Does anyone know how to make the dashboard LCD stick to a language..specifically English as mine is stuck in German?

I have an aftermarket head unit and no radio tuner or GPS module fitted as they were stripped by the previous only. I heard that you need the radio to set the language on the dashboard (as there isn't an option on the inbuilt menus). However, after performing a hard reset (battery terminals together) a few weeks ago, the language reset to English and stayed that way for a couple of weeks....then suddenly, it went back to German.

If it hadn't stuck as English for a while, I would have agreed with what I had heard/read before about needing the radio units....but as it did stick for a while, I am now puzzled.

Can anyone recommend how I fix this? Where does it actually store the language setting?
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