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DANGER: Another 'what tire size' thread

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I realize there have been a lot of these types of threads lately, so I’ll try to keep this brief.
I’m going to replace my 235/70R16 Yokohama Geolander A/T-S with Firestone Destination M/Ts. The problem is the size. I want to go as big as I can without going crazy. My 89 has 2 inches of lift, so I have a little extra space to play with. I’ve narrowed down my choices to:

235/85R16 –
Pro: a bigger tire, but I should have no trouble fitting this size
Con: Nearly 3 inches bigger than my current size, speedo/gearing will be affected

Pro: Probably the more conservative choice
Con: Would I start needing spacers at this width? If I’m going to start with spacers, then why not go 265 or above..

Any other recommended choices appreciated, or feedback on the 2 sizes I’m looking at..
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I have 245/75R16's on my '90 and I like em. 2 inches lift on mine as well and barely barely barely ever rub at all, like not even noticeable. Plus they aren't too hard to find
Id say 225/75 or 245/75

235's take a ton of power from the truck makes them almost unenjoyable to drive, I wouldnt even consider 265's. IMO its almost worth regearing for the 235's. I went with 225's on my truck which I regret but its not so bad even with a fresh 2" lift.
rover4x4 said:
I went with 225's on my truck which I regret but its not so bad even with a fresh 2" lift.
You regret because you think you should have gone 245/75?

I'm leaning towards 245/75 at this point...

Thanks for the answers so far.
My sits on 265/70 on the three spoke rims no lift. No issue!

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