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I currently have a light green 2003 HSE and for my 30th Birthday, I'm thinking about either swaping out my Rover to a 2006 or getting a custom paint job. I would like to do pearl white, kinda like the new Cadillac Escalade Cadillac SUV'S are or Range Rover 20th anniversary edition which is also a pearl white, anyone know exactly what dealer color is called and how much would it cost to get a custom paint job (not from the dealer)?
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I would think that a good paint job would cost almost as much as a 2003 is worth... Ok more like 1/2 for a fair job.

But then it's your party. I know I have done similar things.

You would be better off buying another truck... To do a really good job, the entire truck would have to be disassembled so that you could paint the bulkhead, posts and door jams. Plus, when you go to sell it, you will have a hard time getting much for it, as the mainstream people would want a factory color with factory options.
you can look into having the car wrapped for a quarter of the price -- im thinking about that on my M3, though I am praying someone buys it so i can get into the 996tt that i want
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