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Current financing terms

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I hope everyone is well. For anyone who has recently financed a purchase through a LR dealership, just wondering, what financing terms (i.e. APR) is currently being offered? I'm assuming the low rates available at the beginning of 2018 (or last year) are no longer being offered..
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I was able to get 2.89 for 72 or 3.39 for 84 at NuVision credit union.
Thanks. Does LR not have its own financing arm? In other words, you have to go third party?
They do, primarily through Chase. I just don’t think they get this aggressive.
OP, financing is a very personal topic based on credit scores and history. What one person gets for financing does not mean you will qualify for the same financing. It's always best to shop around for options and choose the one that makes sense for your situation.
Picked up a new 18 sport two weeks ago. I was able to get 84 months for 4.04% from LR/CHASE.
Thanks for your responses. I should have been more clear in my original post; what I'm wondering is, does anyone know what current rates are being offered to buyers in the highest tier of credit scores (800+) for a used vehicle?
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