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I replaced the lower lid damper and is was a straightforward job:
1- Open the combined lid to access the main cubby locate and remove the six sliver cad plated screws.
2- Pull the lower part of the upper lid off - there will be some resistance due to the little rubber bump stops.
3- Pull the c-clips off both ends of the old damper.
4- Push the small end pin out (may be tight).
5- Push the fat end pin out (may be tight).
6- Reverse the process to fit the new one - it will have to be fitted extended, so you'll have to raise the lid vertically to get the fat end pin in.

I pulled both rubber bump stops and replaced them with stick on felt stops - they were not helpful to the lid latching properly.

Here's a photo of the damper I used:

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 09.57.44.png
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