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Crossing the Pond

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I'm headed over to the Rangie Homeland next week! Woo Hoo! (It's my mother's homeland as well, so I have plenty of cousins and family to visit...) Taking my youngest this trip (she is 12) - took the other two on their own when tehy were that age. London, Bristol, Gloucester, Manchester, Leeds all on my list. Not sure, but I may have to swing by Solihull while I'm there...yes?
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I hope the weather improves by the time you arrive on our shores :D its been pretty miserable this week :cry:
I am going as well August 30 to hang with the Liverpool Land Rover Society blokes, hitting London and Brighton as well...good times for sure!
Ultimately we'll end up near Settle in the North...my folks have rented a cottage there...renting a car vs. traing - found it is easier and cheaper last time i went...

Let's hope you are using up the bad weather now and saving the good for my trip!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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